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Southpac provides structuring support for global wealth management plans.  We work with professionals in your home country, professionals in the global financial markets and custodians in your chosen investment jurisdiction to protect and preserve your wealth.

With over 35 years of experience in global markets we have a solid reputation as trusted professionals, working in step with you and your advisors to protect the lifestyle you worked so hard to build for yourself and those you care for.

Asset Protection Trusts

Settle assets into a foreign asset protection trust to protect them from attacks including frivolous lawsuits in your home country.  For best results, and as part of your comprehensive estate planning, settle your offshore assets into a foreign asset protection trust based in the Cook Islands or Nevis.  We can help you establish the asset protection trust and offshore investment plan using offshore advisors and custodians.

In 1982, Southpac became the first trustee company to be registered in the Cook Islands. We worked throughout the 1980s with asset protection professionals to develop the trust laws which exist there to this day. We have also operated as a registered Nevis trustee for over 20 years.

The Cook Islands and Nevis set the gold standard for asset protection trust laws and offer ‘Day 1 Protection’ for assets settled into a trust before a creditor’s cause of action accrues, with a strict two-year statute of limitations applying to other trust assets. Neither foreign judgments nor forced heirship claims are recognised, making these jurisdictions particularly attractive for anyone wishing to protect their assets from future potential creditors or to exercise testamentary freedom which is prohibited in their own country.

We work with specialist asset protection attorneys throughout the world to provide effective solutions for our clients.

For clients unable to access Cook Islands or Nevis products, we offer New Zealand foreign trust services and for those from jurisdictions unfamiliar with the trust concept who prefer a civil law product, we provide foundation registration services in both the Cook Islands and Nevis.

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Company & LLC Services

Southpac operates as a registered agent of Limited Liability Companies and International Business Companies in the Cook Islands and Nevis.  We can register your LLC or IBC.

Nevis became a global leader in the offshore LLC space in the 1990s through the development of an LLC product which combined the benefits of flexibility and creditor protection, and the Cook Islands subsequently developed its own LLC laws closely based on those of Nevis.

LLCs are frequently employed as part of a wider trust structure by clients wishing to maintain some level of control and involvement in the management of the trust fund. Southpac is able to offer jurisdictional diversity within client structures by combining, for example, Cook Islands trusts with Nevis LLCs.

Southpac can also provide registered agent and registered trust office services for IBCs and LLCs established as private trustee companies for clients wishing to exercise trustee functions on their own account.

To find out more about our company and LLC service offerings contact us today.

Investment & Banking Services

Southpac can set up investment portfolios in jurisdictions outside of your home country.

We work with leading boutique investment advisors and private banks globally to provide tailored investment solutions for our clients. The firms we use have been in business for a number of decades and we have trusted relationships with them. The banks we use are typically non-lending and as a result have very secure balance sheets.

When we first begin working with our clients we look to understand their circumstances and needs. Through understanding our clients we can introduce them to investment and custodial solutions to meet these needs.

We play an active role as trustee and continually monitor investment portfolios to ensure that they are invested in the agreed way to meet the objectives of the trust.

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Trustee & Fiduciary Services

Southpac’s core business for more than 30 years has been as the trustee of thousands of trusts. As a trusted wealth planning partner, Southpac knows the importance to clients of having a professional, suitably qualified, trustworthy and easily contactable trustee looking after their assets. Southpac has a team of qualified professionals advising its trustee offices, ensuring that a Southpac trustee is a proactive trustee which fully understands how to fulfil its fiduciary responsibilities.

We have applied our longstanding fiduciary expertise as a trustee to other areas and are able to offer, in both the Cook Islands and Nevis, corporate protector services, corporate manager/director services, company secretary services and foundation council member/enforcer services.

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