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Assistant Legal Counsel

You have established an offshore trust with Southpac Group in one of our leading trust jurisdictions; now you are unsure what to do. A trust is only useful if it is utilised: the more assets that are placed in the trust the more protection, privacy, and wealth management it will provide. The opportunities are endless, do you wish to equity strip your home to secure your assets from litigation risk? Or do you wish to open a trustee brokerage account to grow the trust fund for the use of the beneficiaries?

Southpac Group, as part of our mission to be the best, is expanding its options for clients. We are continually looking for new asset managers, private banking, precious metal facilities, ways to grow our trust’s wealth and provide the protection and privacy sought by our clients.

We work with attorneys who specialise in asset protection, and that can assist you in equity stripping your home by getting a mortgage offshore and placing a lien over the property. The mortgage is then placed in an income gather account which pays in the interest on the mortgage. This is a great way to protect your onshore immovable assets such as your home. For our business customers we work with attorneys who specialise in captive insurance companies to decrease their onshore company costs while placing the ownership of the companies and the company profits offshore for asset protection.

For clients who are interested in providing for their retirement, we work with insurance companies to establish annuity insurance policies so that when the client retires they then receive regular payments from the policy for their living expenses. This provides another layer to wealth planning. The offshore protection is also awarded through this process. For our more conservative clients who look for security in precious metals we work with vaults throughout the world from Switzerland to Singapore to New Zealand. We have options available for clients who wish to buy and sell their metals, slowly increase their holdings and for clients who just want the trust to hold the metals long term. We work with only the most secure vaults around the world which avoid any risks such as force majeure clauses.

Offshore banking has seen a setback through the increasing compliance requirements, and we are working with a number of banks all around the world to provide the best service to our client. We have established banking relationships in Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific . We have a bank to suit all needs from corporate banking to trust and brokerage accounts.

Many of our trusts hold membership interests in both onshore and offshore LLCs. If you have an LLC in any part of the world we will be able to transfer the membership to your newly formed trust for added protection.

Southpac has a dedicated service to help you utilise your trust and establish assets for the trust. Southpac Monitor Concierge is an exclusive research and concierge service. Your concierge can help identify products that are tailored to your requirements for investments and provide options that have been tried and tested by Southpac Group. Your concierge will provide complete assistance from opening an account or acquiring a product to completing the due diligence process on your behalf and being at your assistance for the life of your involvement with Southpac Group to assist you with further investments or furnish any questions you may have. Southpac Group itself has already established a relationship with the providers so the process for clients is accelerated for convenience. Southpac Group Monitor is designed to be cost efficient and superior in terms of service and quality of products available.

If you are interested in establishing a trust, or would like to discuss this topic further, please contact Southpac at

Nicole Silver

Nicole Silver graduated from the University of Waikato in 2016 with a Conjoint Degree majoring in Law and Psychology. She joined Southpac Group in early 2017. With previous experience in Employment Law, Nicole has transferred this contractual knowledge to ensure quality legal service to all Southpac Group clients. Nicole enjoys working closely with each client to ensure the ultimate comfort and satisfaction with Southpac Group managing their affairs.
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