February 18, 2021 Guy Carson


Cryptocurrencies have continued to grow in use and popularity. Over the past year, we have had more and more conversations with clients and prospective clients around this new asset class. Unfortunately, we hadn’t found a solution that allowed offshore trusts to hold and transact in cryptocurrency securely and effectively. That is until now. We are now very pleased to announce that we have found a partner who can enable Southpac structures to hold cryptocurrencies at either trust or underlying company level.


This partner is a European Private Bank which provides:

  • Cold Storage via their own Vault which includes the bank taking full responsibility for the holdings;
  • Trading through two of the leading exchanges;
  • Ability to transfer in existing holdings;
  • Ability to hold the largest 8 Cryptocurrencies by market capitalization;
  • Ability to hold cash and other securities alongside the Cryptocurrencies;
  • Security of a strong balance sheet and a partner that is part of a heavily regulated banking industry.


This offering meets a lot of the needs we look for in a partner. As this offering is unique, it will be restricted to clients of a certain size. If you are looking to invest more than US $1 million in this space please contact Guy Carson at [email protected].

Alternatively you can contact us here via email or phone.

Guy Carson

Guy Carson is Southpac's Investment Specialist. Guy manages Southpac’s external relationships with investment advisors and banking specialists in client relevant jurisdictions around the world. In addition he works with clients to find the most appropriate solutions for their circumstances.
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