January 3, 2019 Connor Steens

The Wealth Management Process


In an ever-changing political and economical environment having confidence in your financial security has become a fundamental factor that will heavily affect your future financial well being. It is therefore incredibly valuable to have a plan that accommodates all of your needs and aspirations in order to unlock the full potential of your accumulated wealth.

The wealth management process ensures that all boxes are ticked guarding against issues that may arise in the future. Increasing your ability to build upon and preserve your wealth for yourself and next of kin. Consisting of several tailored assignments wealth management aims to efficiently structure your tax planning requirements, wealth protection arrangements, along with business succession and estate planning for your personal and commercial assets. By getting to grips with these different wealth management components, keeping finances structured and organised becomes a painless procedure.

Tax planning allows you to proficiently meet your tax requirements in order to minimise losses and maximise efficiency. This takes into perspective the size of purchases along with the timing of income and purchases too. Investments are handpicked to complement tax status in order to create the most proficient means of care. Essentially creating the perfect balance in order to preserve the wealth you have personally generated over time.

Wealth protection caters to specific insurance needs to guard against unrest or unpredictable circumstances. Adapting life insurance, income protection, business insurance among other personal requirements in order to efficiently plan and minimise losses in the event of the unexpected. Wealth protection highlights the need to manage risk and allow a free flowing financial environment where all possible inconveniences are prepared for. Allowing security and ease of mind.

Business succession planning assumes that everyone will, in due time, decide to leave or hand over their business. Engaging various advisors and professionals to ease the changeover. Integrating a timeframe, organising current finances and information along with providing a clear picture of assets and liabilities that will help value your business and maximise potential.Estate planning incorporates your various assets and successes and ensures that they will be preserved for following generations in the event of incapacitation of death. As an inevitable part of life, estate planning is crucial and allows a smooth transition for you and your family. Beneficiaries are established and your accumulated properties are efficiently managed to limit estate taxes and pass on various assets that may include, houses, vehicles, stocks and insurance. Providing funding for surviving generations in various pre meditated capacities.

Wealth management has never been more crucial. It is important to realise the value insecurity and protection, therefore this article has highlighted, for you, several building blocks that will assist you in getting your finances in order. Having proficient tax planning methods, secure wealth protection initiatives and well planned estate and business succession plans in place creates a safe environment for your finances to develop and preserve. These four factors are incredibly influential, by observing the mentioned factors you will be able to decide whether or not you have considered these in your current situation and construct your own plan for your wealth management process

Building wealth is a process of managing risk, not ignoring it. While the same goes for preservation, addressing the wealth management process early supports your accomplishments and enables you to successfully and seamlessly pass these on.

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Connor Steens

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