June 10, 2018 Sara De Grey



This June Southpac Group decided to give back and take part in the 40 hour famine. For those who don’t know, the 40 hour famine is an annual event where people go without food for 40 hours to raise awareness of world hunger. This years profits go towards World Visions programmes in Northern Uganda to bring South Sudanese children and their families, life saving essentials like nutritious food and clean water, as well as, a place to live, education and hope for a better future. Thousands of young lives have been affected by conflict, drought and famine in South Sudan and unfortunately children have had to flee for their lives across the border to Uganda, becoming refugees. The things they’ve seen and experienced are hard to imagine and even harder to forget.

Therefore, Southpac decided we would do our part in raising money for such a good cause.

The Rules:

– You can drink water
– You can drink tea
– You can eat one or two hard candies every couple of hours
– You can drink fruit juice

The reasoning behind being able to have candy, tea and fruit juice is to keep our blood sugar levels up throughout the challenge.

Wednesday 6th June:

8pm: Our starting date was the 6th of June at 8pm. All participants had a different approach to going into the challenge. Some were keeping to their dinner size portion normal, as they didn’t want to overload on food and wake up extremely hungry. Whereas, others went in the opposite direction and ate the house down. Connor, one of our participants ate the most for dinner. “I had lasagne, lots of rice, a bowl of cereal, dumplings, beans and broccoli.” Nerves were high as some people had never done this challenge before and didn’t know if they could do it! However, we knew it was a good cause and we would all be together at work to support each other if we felt like giving up.

Thursday 7th June:

6–7am: Everyone starts to arrive to work and discussion of last nights dinner was in full swing. All participants were positive at this point and had no idea what to expect throughout the rest of the day.

9am: The hunger began to set in after participants had skipped their normal morning breakfast time. The thought of not being able to eat at all for this whole day was now real and the challenge became a mind over matter game.

12pm: 16 hours down, lunch time has arrived and people fill the break room with no food in sight. The conversations are mostly around how we are all feeling at this point. We spoke on how it was eye opening to see how heavily we all relied on our constant meals and knowing we had food at our finger tips. The thought of those families in third world countries who don’t have the luxury of going down to the local supermarket and having fruit, vegetables, meat, all types of food right in front of them makes you think twice of how lucky we are and how was often take things for granted.

3pm: 19 hours down and home time has come. Our energy was low and there was already chat about what where we should go eat tomorrow at lunchtime to celebrate. All participants are worried about how hard it will be to go home and see everyone in their household eating food tonight, especially around dinner time.

Friday 8th June:

6-7am: 34 hours down. We has arrived to work talking about how our night went. Some were luckier than others, Tarita our Managing Director said her husband and children had eaten before she had got home so she didn’t have to see them enjoying the delicious food in front of her. However, I was not so lucky. I live with three boys and they decided to get takeaways and eat pizza, chocolate, kebabs and a giant cookie pie in front of me. Needless to say I went to bed early to stop the torture.

9am: Not long now! The anticipation was killing everyone knowing it was only a couple of hours untill we were done. We all felt a lot less hungry on Friday rather than yesterday which we were all surprised about.

12pm: FINISHED! 40 hours later and we were finally done and we were all beyond happy. Most participants went out for lunch to celebrate at a café down the road. Fish and chips, burgers, chocolate brownies, lasagne, sandwiches and more were all on order to satisfy our cravings. Again, Connor outdid himself ordering two meals; eggs benedict and a mushroom sandwich with chips on the side!

The 40 hour famine was a true challenge for us all, but it definitely put into perspective how fortunate we are. We are happy we took 40 hours out of week to give back and fundraise for people who aren’t in the position we are. It was a complete eye opener for us all, and we are looking forward to doing more challenges, events and fundraisers that help people in need.

Although the 40 hour famine is finished, our sponsor page is still open and you can still do your part and give to a great cause by the clicking on the link here: https://my.worldvision.org.nz/ss/rRZVkz/southpac-group-

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