October 30, 2019 Marcos Almeida



Southpac’s presence in the 7th Private Wealth Latin America & the Caribbean Forum

Sunny Miami was the perfect place to hold the 7th Private Wealth Latin America & the Caribbean Forum. A beautiful and powerful city with all the energy from its Latin American influence was the perfect place to discuss current and future investment opportunities for family offices, investment advisers, bank providers and, of course, Southpac Group, as a leading offshore service provider.

Markets Group did a great job gathering the leading service providers for Latin American clients and setting up a perfect two day event on 22 and 23 October at the JW Marriott Miami.

The first day agenda was full. There were workshops on the management of fixed income portfolios, panel discussions on Latin America’s market outlook, an overview of the use of gold as an investment, introductions to alternative investments, citizenship investment opportunities and discussions on transparency and asset allocation in a globalised world.

Martin Litwak’s presentation, on behalf of BVI Finance – The Use of Offshore Centers in Wealth Structuring Structures for Latin American Families – where he was able to demonstrate how and why Latin American families are taking action towards offshore investment structures, such as trusts and limited liability companies, in several different jurisdictions worldwide. This presentation made clear that the creation of an offshore structure can protect the wealth of families that reside in politically unstable countries such as Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

Another highlight was the panel discussion between Michael Blank, from Holdun Family Office, Randall Krebs, trust professional, and David Payne, on behalf of Nevis. They demonstrated the impact of choosing the right jurisdiction for Latin American families to structure their offshore entities, including Nevis, Cook Islands and New Zealand.

New Zealand trusts are highly recommended for Latin American families, being a country that is recognised for its political and economic stability, with a strong currency and active industry. Also, LLCs in jurisdictions such as Nevis and Cook Islands can be of great use to these families to manage assets and business, without the risk of having its assets seized by domestic authorities, not to mention their benefits on asset protection. All these are services provided by Southpac.

The second day was even more gratifying. Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, presented key investment opportunities in the city. The day was complete with market updates on Latin America, panel discussions on global equities, an interview with the former governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuno, and panel discussions on family governance, regulation and wealth structuring.

The best part, however, was hearing confirmation that Southpac is one of the best offshore service providers in the market, as recognised by most of the professionals that I have had the pleasure to meet in this conference. It was an excellent opportunity to update on the LATAM market and to expand the list of service providers working with Southpac for the benefit of our clients. The creation of a network of such excellent professionals further ensures that we can provide the best possible service, focused on the needs of our clients, by accessing global wealth management opportunities.

This conference reiterated to me that Southpac is not only the best provider of offshore structures in the world, but also a company that can use the best tools and network to achieve its ultimate goal, give peace of mind to its clients by professionally securing and managing their assets. Latin American families can rest assured that despite the political and economic instability in the region, assets can be held safe for generations to come.

Are you from Latin America and want to know more about the benefits of having an offshore structure? Feel free to contact me to find out more – Marcos Almeida – malmeida@southpacgroup.com

Marcos Almeida

Marcos Almeida is a qualified Brazilian attorney who has more than seven years of experience in the insurance industry. In his native country, he received recognition from one of the largest private insurance company’s in Brazil as being one of the most productive team leaders. Prior to his migration to New Zealand Marcos was a partner in a law firm in Brazil. Marcos moved to New Zealand to undertake postgraduate studies in business management and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Business prior to joining Southpac. He works as a Legal Executive at Southpac at its head office in New Zealand and has particular expertise in the LATAM market.
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