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Why Consider A New Zealand Limited Liability Company?

With the establishment of an office in beautiful Tauranga, New Zealand, Southpac Trust now offers products and services in New Zealand to compliment its services in the Cook Islands and Nevis! Why New Zealand?

As a common law jurisdiction New Zealand has a highly regarded legal system and institutions that offer stable, safe, and reliable asset and wealth protection in the form of trust and corporate structures.

The New Zealand Limited Liability Company (‘NZ, LLC’) differs greatly from the traditional LLCs formed in the various American states and other offshore jurisdictions. Some characteristics of the NZ, LLC are the following:
• It must have at least one director, and that director must be an individual, not a body corporate. (This service is offered by Southpac Trust).
• It must have at least one shareholder.
• It must have a New Zealand registered office that is a physical New Zealand address. That address may not be a postal box or document exchange. (This service is offered by Southpac Trust).
• NZ, LLC is not subject to tax on foreign sourced income.

While the structure is a little more formal than is traditionally associated with LLCs, in the right situation a New Zealand LLC is ideal. Consider the following:

• New Zealand offers many of the advantages of traditional offshore financial centers whilst being recognized as a mainstream financial center.
• New Zealand is an active member of a large number of international organizations including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Bank.
• New Zealand has a progressive and robust economy, modern and efficient infrastructure, competitive, frequent and reliable air access, experienced and reliable professionals to provide expert legal and tax advice, who are accustomed to serving a global clientele.
• NZ, LLCs have no share capital required at the moment of incorporation.
• It is not compulsory to have articles of incorporations, bylaws or operating agreements.
• Tax registration is not compulsory if a company is not going to earn income in New Zealand.

The NZ, LLC is perfectly suited to settle offshore trusts or for serving as a member of a domestic LLC. LLCs make it easier to raise capital as investors can become shareholders, all while limiting shareholder’s liability to their share of ownership of the company. Under any circumstances the NZ, LLC offers its shareholders the credibility that comes with operating out of New Zealand.

If you would like more details regarding whether a New Zealand Limited Liability Company is the right structure for you or your client please feel free to contact the us.  enquiries@southpactrust.com

Craig Redler 
Attorney at Law, Manager – Client Services

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